Die Sprache des Körpers

Dokumentarfilm, AT/DE 2012, 100 min., OmeU

When the limits of medicine have been reached, it is often a question of coming to terms with a terminal prognosis. But what if it never comes – or comes much later than predicted? For five years, Gräftner has traced the lives of three women who share this plight. They have long adapted their day-to-day lives to their illness. This is a film that looks beyond traditional medicine to a place where faith, love, and hope act as powerful forces of survival.

Director: Barbara Gräftner
Script: Barbara Gräftner
Camera: Robert Winkler
Editor: Angela Christlieb
Sound: Dieter Draxler
Producer: Robert Winkler, Christian Vizi
Production: Bonusfilm
Coproduction: Vizion (DE)